A little bit about us...

We’re Alyssa & Bradley, the couple behind the blog, Leaf & Bone. Welcome! Our story is simple. We found very early on in our relationship that cooking together brings us joy, calm, and breeds an environment to continuously learn and grow together. 

Yet we also quickly realized that we were very different eaters. One fancies meat. The other a strict vegetarian since 2009. It would’ve been easy to throw in the kitchen towel and lean on takeaway and dining out. But rather than let our differences define us, we found a way to create one hundred percent flavor with zero percent compromise for either of us. 

It’s not about settling and meeting in the middle (although we do try to practice that in other areas of our relationship). It’s about finding a concept we love and transforming it together into two wholesome (meat and vegetarian) meals that offer true resemblance. So, while we have different diets, we can still have a shared and complete experience -- from the grocery store, to the kitchen, all the way to the dining room. 

We created Leaf & Bone to acknowledge each and every individual tastebud, celebrating what makes us different and honoring what is delicious. We invite you on this journey with us to redefine balance in the kitchen.